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17 November 2013 @ 04:06 pm
Silence Cries the Loudest  
Title: Silence Cries the Loudest
Rating: PG
Paring: Kyuhyun centric
Warning: non-explicit/implied violence
Summary: Kyuhyun really should have known better than to play the suspicious looking game given to him by a fan, but it’s a little too late for that now.
Genre: action
Word Count: 465
Prompt: 064. Balance, Kyuhyun/Kyuhyun
A/N: Personal challenge archive implies/loosely based on the concept of VRMMORPGs …I’m thinking of maybe turning this into an actual series…

Kyuhyun supposes he should have seen this coming, that it would happen eventually.

He hears the shot coming before he sees it, ducking behind a steel door before the stack of crates he was previously hiding behind exploded. Kyuhyun stayed in a crouched position, barely daring to breathe as the troop transporter slowly rolled by, firing small charges at either side of the long abandoned city street every twenty or so meters. A couple lightly armed civilian troopers walked behind the vehicle, kicking over trash cans and empty boxes they thought looked suspicious. Kyuhyun breathed a silent sigh of relief, the soldiers looked exhausted and were obviously rookies, as they had walked right by the charges Kyuhyun had put in practically plain sight.

Kyuhyun also supposes that he should stop watching so many of Sungmin’s animes, that is if he ever manages to get out of here.

He waits for a few more seconds before whistling loudly, charging out from behind the door and pulling out his gun, drawing the attention of the troopers. He hears the mission commander sigh loudly into the headsets before barking out orders in rapid fire Mandarin, the other fighters hidden among the street jumping out to launch the attack. Kyuhyun ran back and forth between shelters on the left side of the street, firing a couple shots at their general direction before hiding again, successfully drawing the troops fire, and full attention, until Park could set up.

Kyuhyun got the warning signal and ran across to the right side as fast as he could, firing wildly behind him so the troopers, that were now beginning to poor out of the transporter, wouldn’t follow. He lept into the blown out window of what used to be a clothing store, dodging around the rusty metal racks, the sound of the bazooka firing ringing in his ears, the sound chasing him out into the brick walled alley behind the building. Kyuhyun jumped to the right of the doorway just in time, the force of the explosion picking up everything in it’s way, including the steel dumpster sitting outside the building to the left, and mercilessly slamming them into the opposite wall.

He quickly scales the fire escape ladder of the warehouse on the other side of the alley, shoving his gun into it’s holster when his arm injury starts acting up. He gets to the roof and runs along it before jumping to the next one, balancing precariously on the edge when he almost misses the jump. Arms turning like pinwheels, he manages to throw his weight forward and land on the rooftop. Breathing heavily, he slings the awaiting backpack over his good shoulder and kicks open the access door, drawing his weapon to finish the rescue mission.
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